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"I carry much of Stevenson's dialogue and the plot."

embarrassed asking him. It has long been a joke between him and director Alison Munro, who has substantially rewritten the story, that she would one day write it around him.

Ed doesn't need a leg up for role

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Older readers will remember the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketch about a one legged man (Dud as Mr Spiggott) auditioning for the role of Tarzan.

Pete: "Your right leg I like . . The trouble is neither have you."

She's invented a daughter for Squire Trelawney, sister for Dr Livesey Nike Air Max Men Black and some of the pirates are played by women dressed as men.

take it."

Ed, who says his favourite film is My Left Foot, has learned how painful underarm crutches are and why the NHS switched to elbow ones.

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The Company drama group didn't have far to look when casting Robert Louis Stevenson's classic pirate tale which begins at the University Drama Studio on Wednesday.

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Ed says: "One of the first acting things I did after the accident was at the University Drama Studio. Me and a friend did that sketch Nike Air Max Vt Qs

and it was very funny, specially as the audience wasn't sure how to Womens Nike Air Max 2016 Prm

"I think I bring a bit less to the part," says Ed, aged 50, from Sharrow.

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Director Alison has taken liberties with the original story which has very few women but there are more women than men in the company.

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Ed, who has directed for the group and works as a drama and film studies teacher, says it is a pivotal part.

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